Underground records labels and distribution. Founded since 2005 based  in Bekasi, Indonesia. specialized releasing death metal, brutal death, goregrind, have released several physical recordings of CD, Cassette, Boxsets and Merchandising Officially licensed from brutal/death metal bands. such as Enmity, Last Days Of Humanity, Vomit remnants, Sinister, Kataplexia, Encenathrakh, Profanity, Gutted and another killers band.

We sign bands we like first and foremost of the music concept. Proguttural Production began as a one-man operation since has founder Jun estabilized itself as a name that fuses its passionate. Cooperation with some label’s for releases and distribution to several countries to extend distribution networks. Along with the label’s continued growth came a mailorder and wholesale operation that would quickly become the most inclusive underground distribution.

Screen Printing Services custom order Premium quality print oil-based plastisol ink good materials apparels 100% cotton made in Indonesia, works for brand promotion printing needs including T-shirts, Long sleeve, Hooded, hat, sticker and others. Ussually bands and label’s need promotional shirts printing services from us. We further strive to innovate and provide good services to our customer and service improvement for customer satisfaction.


Some Works Gallery – Apparels and Stickers

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